Al-shareef & Associates Law Firm provides lawyers and consultants in the department of Competition and Antitrust for establishments, providing legal consultations and studies, formulating policies in accordance with local and international standards, judicial representation before the investigation authorities, providing advice and legal advice regarding financial, administrative and economic violations and ensuring that they are not committed, providing quality services that include: professional programs to comply with the law Competition, detecting practices that violate the preventive competition system, identifying and evaluating risks, representation in the inference and investigation stages, preparing and managing exemption, settlement and reconciliation files, economic concentration files such as merger and acquisition, and seeking amicable solutions.

Our company employs legal experts who have great experience in providing professional programs for compliance with the competition system that contribute to the early detection of practices that violate the competition system

The competition is:

The effort made by a facility to increase its sales and market share with the aim of overcoming its competitors in the same field, by offering products of different quality or prices that are distinct from the products of other companies. Competition can also be based on development and innovation.

It should be noted: that competition should not be based on factors that violate the law or immoral, such as attempting to share markets, collusion in bids and offers, limiting production quantities, agreeing or controlling prices, limiting the free flow of goods, obstructing the entry and exit of a facility, agreeing to withhold goods and services