Alshareef & Partners

Alshareef & Partners is a Saudi Arabian law firm that provides legal services in a wide range of areas, including corporate operations, commercial and real estate matters, the financial market, zakat and taxes, and litigation. We also provide our services to clients locally and internationally.


We advise our clients in incorporating or restructuring companies, local and foreign companies in Saudi Arabia.

Corporate & Commercial

We advise clients who need professional tax lawyers in the Kingdom.

Zakat, Tax & Costums

Alshareef & Partners provide step-by-step assistance with our clients in the primary and secondary capital market.

Capital Market

We assisted companies in their regulatory challenges that they faced during their incorporation and operation phases.


provides lawyers and consultants in the Department of Competition and Monopoly for establishments, providing legal consultations and studies

Competition and Antitrust

We serve customers in a wide range of areas, including commercial, real estate, construction, infrastructure.

Litigation and ADR

We understand the issues that affect landowners, property developers, occupiers, and investors.

Real Estate


Ali Alshareef

Managing Partner

Abdulrahman bin Motreb

Partner & Head of Capital Markets

Abdullah Alshabanat

Partner & Head of the Litigation and ADR

Our Clients

Licenses and Accreditations

Certified legal entity

Licensed bankruptcy trustees and experts

Certified legal trainers

Licensed lawyers

Certified lawyers

Authorized to practice intellectual property